What is Affiliate Marketing & How Does it Exactly work in 2020

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does it work

These days people are curious to know how to make money online, and you should be well aware of what is affiliate marketing and how does it work ?

Affiliate Marketing is always enticing every blogger to make money online, but if you aren’t a blogger, don’t worry, you can also make decent money online with the help of affiliate marketing.

If you’d like to make money online with affiliate marketing, this post helps you a lot to understand what is affiliate marketing and how does it works.

I’ll cover all the aspects of affiliate marketing and how it works, the affiliate marketing program, and how to join it.

So. Let’s Dive in.

But before that, Let’s start with the basics of Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

what is affiliate marketing

In simple terms, Affiliate Marketing is when you promote other companies/individual’s products online, and someone buys through your affiliate link, you get a commission.

Affiliate Marketing acts as a performance marketing program, and it is one of the most popular money earning methods online once it is established.

Affiliate Marketers need to join affiliate programs, find popular products to promote online, and then share those products with their audience. However, It’s a general idea – getting a commission on a sale. This overall process is quite simple.

To become an affiliate you need to join an affiliate network or directly from an eCommerce business Like AMAZON ASSOCIATES, and make money online from being an affiliate by placing a link on the blog and putting some banner in a bulk email that will lead to readers to that affiliate products.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Affiliate Marketing Model

An eCommerce merchant wants to reach a broader audience on the internet, which might purchase products. Therefore they launch affiliate programs. An affiliate could be the owner of multiple websites or email marketing list or audience based on social media. 

Affiliate Marketing can get quite technical, even for those who well-versed in digital marketing.

Fortunately, you don’t need to know all the technical stuff to get started.

Here’s a quick look of how does affiliate marketing works:

1. When an affiliate joins an affiliate network, they give a unique ID or Specific URL (Affiliate Link) to use when promoting the company’s product.

2. An Affiliate puts the link in his blog, or email list or shares on social media to invite readers to click it to find out more.

3. When someone clicks on that link to visit the affiliate partner’s site, a small file called a cookie gets stored on their computer/mobile. The cookie ensures that the affiliate is responsible for the sale if it occurs days or even weeks later, according to their cookie policy.

4. Whenever a visitor completes the sale process, an affiliate tracking cookie is a file that is created and stored on your visitor’s web browser. If the merchant finds a cookie with an affiliate link, an affiliate is credited with the sale.

5. The merchant pays the affiliate commission at the end of the payment period.

I hope it will cover How Affiliate Marketing Works.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing for Beinners

No doubt affiliate marketing is a lucrative business model for beginners. It gives you the opportunity for beginners to earn a commission by selling products or services offered by other companies.

So, what do you need to do to get started? In this post, I’m going to share seven steps of Affiliate marketing that you can learn and implement.

Let’s Dive in..

1. Choose a Niche

Let’s be honest: if you’re starting a blog/website today, you will be facing a ton of competition. Every blogger knows Affiliate Marketing, but only a few of them are successful because they are lacking in the process of niche selection.

To stand the best chance of success, niche down.

To select a niche, you need to figure out a specific category that you’re familiar with Experts call this process “Picking your Niche.” 

You should select a niche that represents your interest.

For Example: If you’re a fantastic chef. It makes more sense to start a blog on grilling food.

Choosing a Specific niche helps you to compete with your existing competitors, and it would also help to rank in search engines like GOOGLE.

2. Create a Blog/Website

You can do affiliate marketing without any website. Even Instagram works.

However, many companies want to know the URL of the website that you use to sell their products. They want a website because they ensure that the content on the site won’t hurt the company’s reputation.

Starting a blog today is quite an easy and cheap process. There are plenty of tutorials online that teach you how to get started. It’ll likely be a one-time investment per year on domain and web hosting.

3. Find the best affiliate network

Once you have selected niche, create a blog/website. Now it’s time to find out the best affiliate program you shouldn’t ignore.

Finding an affiliate program is not a daunting task, but it takes some work. Still, you do not worry about investing an essential amount of time into it because once you choose your best Affiliate Marketing Network, your income will come from it.

Here are the few Affiliate Networks you should join:

1. Click bank

2. Commission Junction

3. JVzoo

4. Amazon Associates

5. ShareASale

6. Flexoffers

7. Tradedoubler

8. Viglink

4. Create Amazing Content that People Love

Finally, Your Blog/website framework is ready; it’s time to create content for it. If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, you need to produce high-quality content where your affiliate links fit naturally.  

Create content that solves your targeted audience problems, not just creates average content. Creating in-depth content with right call to action, short paragraph and bullet points will make sure you will have a fantastic experience on your website. If you want to make money online, then you must know that putting some value on your content increases the chances of visitors engaging with your content and converting into customers.

5. Drive Traffic Through SEO, and Paid Ads

After you have created fantastic content on your blog, the next step is to get more people to read it so that they will click on your affiliate link.

There are a lot of ways to generate traffic, but Here are the 2 ways of traffic that you should consider:


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is always the best way to create organic traffic, and it will help to get page views from Google.

Organic Traffic converts better, highly targeted, but it is slower to build an audience. You must be aware of the basics of SEO that must know how to optimize your webpages for visitors as well as Google to rank your website on the top of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

If your website ranks in the SERPs for your relevant niche, it will be a boost in building your audience as well as sales.

Paid Ads

Affiliate Marketers often use Paid Ads to Drive traffic to their blog and drive huge sales. Paid advertising on Google and Social Media is usually the right place to start and drive sales. When it comes to paid advertising, Google and Facebook tend to be more affordable than you should consider. 

Casually speaking, Ads are a great traffic strategy until you’re promoting a high paying affiliate program and can make the number work. 

But if you’re a beginner to paid advertising and have no budget for your ads, then it might not be such a great idea.

Final Words

Affiliate Marketing is always my favourite way to make money online. It takes time and effort at the beginning, but once you got your first sale, you have to grow your site, set new goals and lastly, do a lot of experiments.

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