9 Best Webinar Softwares for Small Business Owners (Updated)

Best Webinar Software for Small Business

Every marketer is hosting webinars these days. In fact, in this current pandemic situation, The webinar software demands are higher than ever.

Webinar software is the perfect tool for small business owners; there are lots of brands using online webinar tools in order to grow either B2B and B2C.

Many businesses are getting lost in revenue because of CoronaVirus Disease. This COVID 19 disease is changing the way we live and work.

Across the globe, every company is scrambling to follow “work from home” as the Govt. strictly advise.

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Which is the best Webinar Software?

The list of the 9 best webinar software is going to reveal, find out the simplest webinar software that suits your business and your pockets. The prices might differ according to your location.

The best webinar software is a very helpful technology to make an interactive session with their audience, where the speaker and audience can easily communicate via audio and communication.

1. Zoom

Zoom Webinar Software

Zoom was founded on 21st April 2011 by Eric Yuan. It has the capabilities that help you to reach more people and grow your business. Its salient features are HD Video and Audio, Easy to set up and Registration, Full-featured host control, Change the background image, Live Streaming.

It doesn’t require people to download the software. It can be used from any browser on a computer or mobile phone.

Zoom is absolutely free if your meeting/webinar continues less than 40 minutes, and the number of attendees is less than 100. Don’t use Zoom to sell your product; it’s an online webinar tool more than anything else.

Zoom has 4 Plans

Basic – Free (Host up to 100 participants)

Pro – $14.99/mo/host

Business – $19.99 /mo/host

Enterprise – $19.99 /mo/host

If you are a small business owner then I recommend going with a Pro plan. It supports 24 hours meeting duration, Admin panel control, Reporting, 1GB of MP4/MP4A cloud recordings.

2. Go To Webinar

GoToWebinar Video Conferencing Tool

When I was in college, I attended a webinar on GoToWebinar. Since then, GoToWebinar joined my favourite list. It is quite easy to use. You don’t worry about organizing your webinar, focus on reaching more people and growing your business.

It also exposes you to a variety of features to improve your webinar experience like Marketing automation with your own CRM, Engagement dashboard, Flexible scheduling to the entire event management process.

GoToWebinar has a 7 days free trial for up to 100 attendees, no credit card required. It also has 3 packs: Starter, Pro, Plus costing at $89, $199, $429 respectively.

3. AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting Video Conferencing Tool

It is perfect for any business. Any meeting offers essential tools to host your webinar without any hassle so that you can have reliable stress free meetings anywhere anytime. It is powered with amazing features such as HD video and video, Screen sharing, Integration with outlook, G Suite, Slack, and more.

Any meeting has 30 days free trial and it has 2 paid plans Lite and Pro with costing of $9.99 and 12.99 per month respectively.

4. ezTalks

Eztalks Webinar Software

If you have a limited budget, then go ahead with EZ talks. This webinar software entices a lot of customers when it comes to automating webinars, Interactive Live chat, Analytics, screen sharing with annotation, and Interactive whiteboard.

talks have four packs Starter, Standard, Pro, Business. If you are an individual then go ahead with a starter pack it is free for 2 participants otherwise standard costs $10, Pro cost $30, and business cost $50 per month.

5. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Webinar Tool

Zoho Meeting is the most prominent solution for those who are looking to host a webinar. Zoho Meeting is a bit easy to use, you can control any live webinar with Zoho Meeting.  Its prominent features are webinar analytics, customize registration, embed registration forms, polls, Q&a, Raise hand to allow to talk, and make presenter.

Zoho meeting basic plan for the webinar of 25 attendees costs $7.52 per month and $11.47 for 50 attendees.

6. Adobe Connect

As the name suggests, Adobe connect comes from Adobe. It is quite an intricate but superb webinar software. If you are a larger organization then I’ll highly recommend you to use this online webinar tool.

For the basic package of Adobe connect comes at $130 per month, it is quite expensive but it has lots of features that only a large organization would require.

7. Webex

Webex Webinar Tool

Cisco acquires Webex in 2007. It is an American company that develops and sells webinar software. Its salient features are easy to operate, integrate with your own CRM.

Almost the eLearning website uses Webex for its highly relatable and ease of use.

If you are a small business owner, then Webex offers you to buy a customized package that suits the needs of your business.

Its basic price is $13.9 per month for the first 50 viewers on an annual subscription basis only.

8. Webinar Ninja

Webinar Ninja is such a brilliant webinar software. It is quite expensive for any organization but it is worth it for its fabulous features such as broadcast live by the host, recorded videos, insert a video, Ban attendees, custom registration statistics, screen sharing, and lot more.

Webinar Ninja’s starter plan starts at $39, and it allows 100 live webinar attendees with unlimited recordings. Pro plan costs $79 per month for 200 viewers, Plus idea for 400 viewers costs $129 per month and the Power plan for up to 1,000 viewers is priced at $199 per month.

9. WebinarJam

Webinar Jam is ideal for those companies that will use a webinar to generate sales. It allows you to deliver your message. However, WebinarJam allows up to 6 presenters to host a combination of experts to share their knowledge on screen.

These resources allow you high definition, 30 FPS, high-quality video and audio broadcasting, chat and run Q&A in real-time, Automate recordings, flexible scheduling, bring people from the audience onto your virtual stage, keep your subscribers in the loop, easy presentation and much more.

Its pricing plan starts for 1 year from basic, professional, and Enterprise with costs of $499, $699, and $999 respectively.

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